Meet Kellie Anne

This is me. Kellie Anne Morris.

  I have lived on our family farm all my life (expect for the two years I was away at community college) and I wouldn't change anything about it.  My parents, along with the help from my oldest brother, run a 3,000 head cattle operation in nothern Iowa, so lets just say I'm surrounded by cattle 24/7.  Living on the farm has kept me down-to-earth and grounded. Loving country music sort of comes with the terrioty, but I don't mind and I try to get to as many concerts as I can.
   Living in Iowa aint so bad either; spring means new life around the farm with baby calves and the sweltering summers find me out getting a tan.  Fall is my favorite season, not only cause of my birthday but the crispness in the air and the changing of colors.  Winter...I hate you (simple as that).

Bridal Consultant.
  We have an amazing bridal salon in my small-town and I started working there at the age of 18 as the part-time high school help.  My job at that time was to help my fellow high school age girls find dresses for prom and help prep & press the dresses for the big event.  Where I'm from prom is big deal (from the up-do hair and the acrylic nails, to the over the top corsage and your date looking handsome in a tuxedo) and I enjoyed everything about helping all the girls great ready for their fun night out.
  In the fall of 2010, I was given the opportunity to attend the Chicago Bridal Market with my boss and her husband.  During the three day get-away, I learned so much about purchasing, styling and got to see a whole new side of the bridal industry.  It was during that trip that I realized that I wanted to work at the bridal at a full-time position as soon as I graduated from school.  So, I was given one week from my boss to graduate from college, move back home and settle in before I started my 9-5 dream as a full-time bridal consultant.
  It's been almost 3 years and I wouldn't change my decision I made back then.  I have since become the Assistant Manager and while working with prom girls is fun and fast-paced since it only last for a few months, my real love is working one-on-one with my brides.  When a bride walks through the doors of Teresa's Bridal we start off as strangers, just a newly engaged bride and a consultant ready to listen to all her ideas.  And after countless meetings and appointments, I have taken what was just a dream she had and have turned it into a reality; making her big day the magically fairytale she always wanted.  Seeing the photos after the wedding and seeing how happy the bride looks, make me love my job even more! :)

This is Aaron.  My fiancé.

   Aaron and I met the summer after our sophomore in high school, he's younger sister was the pitcher of my high school softball team.  He would attend a few of the games when he wasn't busy with his own baseball games.  All the girls on the softball team gave his sister a hard time on how good looking his was and how she needed to set us up on dates with him.  Unfortunitly for all of us, he had a girlfriend. 
   It wasn't till the fall before our senior year, that I finally got the nerve to contact him on my own (ok, maybe I had some help from a couple of girlfriends and a bottle of UV Blue).  We showed up to a party that he was at and worked him over with my good looks and my poker skills (I won him $100 in game he was playing with his friends, when he got up to use the restroom).  A few weeks later between text messaging and MSN messenger, he finally asked me out on a date and the rest is history.   
   Our relationship has always been long distance, with us both attending two seperate high schools and then seperate colleges.  During college, Aaron played baseball for two different school in the four years he attended and I was busy being a workaholic.  We still tried to find time to visit one another and even took a few trips, just the two of us.  After he graduated from college, he started working at a local agriculture-based mechanic shop and has moved in to my house (YAY! No more long distance). 
  We share a love for food, movies, tv, sports, the list goes on and on.  He gets me laughing when I've had a bad day and I keep him thinking with all my blonde moments.  I know it's clique to say it, but he's my best friend :)

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