Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Engagement Photos Sneaky-Peak!

If you live in the Northern Iowa/Southern Minnesota region (or if you want to pay extra in travel cost), I would definitely suggest that you look into getting Bradley from Bradley Jensen Photography for your wedding or even just your engagement session.  He is so personable and has a great eye for photography.  Just during our engagement shoot, he asked us questions about our relationship and our own personal background.  We both became at ease with him within the first half hour of shooting and after 3.5 hours, we all were cracking jokes amongst each other.  I've been waiting for our wedding since the day after the engagement but it wasn't till now hen we were taking photos, Aaron said that he was finally getting excited for the wedding.  He must love posing with me and getting his picture taken too ;)

Just a few of my favorite black and white shots for now.
I hope you like these photos and I plan on sharing a lot more!

~ Kellie Anne

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